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Bill Still Talks Quark, Bitcoin on Max Keiser

One of my favorite economic commentators, Bill Still was just on the Keiser Report today talking about Bitcoin, Quark and the cryptocurrency phenomenon.  This excellent and informative interview starts at the 13 minute mark here.

With all the price volatility in the crypto markets over the past week and the main stream media’s constant narrative of fear, I find it very helpful to hear competent conveyance of the merits of cryptocurrencies from people who I hold in high regard as 1) economically literate and 2) technologically aware and connected to the development base of this new phenomenon.

One of the things I respect so much about Bill Still, apart from his outstanding body of journalistic work, is that about three weeks ago (in response to a vlog post on his you tube channel) I sent him an email asking him about his knowledge of Quark, specifically regarding the “pre-mining” issue as well as the enhanced security features.  I regularly keep my phone number in my email signature and think nothing of it.  I was quite caught off guard when he actually picked up the phone and called me.  We proceeded to have a very pleasant and informative conversation not only about cryptocurrencies, gold, silver and the Fed, but also the general direction of the economy and our shared and very valid concerns.  It was an encouraging conversation and something that I respect so much about the alternative media community, accessibility.  Do you think Shepard Smith (or… fill in the blank) would ever pick up the phone to call you (not that you’d want him to)?

Here’s the description of the episode:

In the second half, Max interviews Bill Still about his conversion to crypto-currencies and what role of the NSA spying scandal played in his decision.

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